The advantage of SiDiary-Online?

First of all you are able to share your data with other SiDiary-Online users. They can view your data after your authorization and help you with the analysis.

Data security on our server:

1.      The transfer of your data is encoded.

2.     Your data can only be seen by people that YOU authorized.

3.     You can give this authorization only to other SiDiary-Online users that are also familiar with SiDiary-Online.


With the function "Ask a question" you are able to send a question to a person that you gave an authorization by selecting this person in your contact list. The selected contact person will receive an E-Mail about your question.


Last but not least: With SiDiary-Online you can save your data, even when your PC at home has a complete crash / is stolen or burst into flames.


You only have to install SiDiary new on your PC and can download your data form SiDiary-Online again on your PC.


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