If you have a SiDiary-Online account (https://diabetes.sinovo.net/) and you want to synchronize your data, you can do the necessary entries here.


With the checkbox 'Backup data files on every synchronization' SiDiary will save your current data before every synchronization.


At the same time a restore point is set, so you are able to reset to the state before the synchronization by clicking Edit Undo.


The checkbox Synchronize with this device has to be activated; otherwise SiDiary is not able to synchronize the device that you have just selected.


With the checkboxes from PC and to PC you are able to define the direction of the data synchronization. The synchronization will be either one way (from the PC or to the PC) or both ways. If you activated both checkboxes, you will have the same stored data on both devices.


A click on the button Details allows you to make more adjustments for the data synchronization. You are able to select, if all data should be synchronized or only the data of a certain time range. Even if something changed in older data, SiDiary will not include that. So you can speed up the data synchronization.


On the right side you will find three options for an automatic synchronization (=Sync). Either at the start-up, when you quit the program or while the program is running. If you do not have activated any of the checkboxes, SiDiary will synchronize only manually. If the device {SiDiary-Online-Server} is selected, Synchronize with this device is selected and your account name / password are entered, then you have only to click on the blue Sync-button.


With Sync Interval you can define after how many seconds the next automatic synchronization is going to start.


In the SiDiary-Online Login box you can make the specifications that SiDiary needs to synchronize with your SiDiary-Online account.


You have to enter you account name and password exactly as you have defined it at your login at SiDiary-Online.


If you are not already registered at SiDiary-Online you can do this by clicking on Register. If you have forgotten your password you have the possibility to send your password by clicking on Forgot password. Both buttons open the appropriate page on the Internet where you can enter your data



6.7.1 SmartSync-Settings The advantage of SiDiary-Online?