6.7.1      SmartSync-Settings


This function is only available in Windows versions. Windows synchronizes automatically all versions of your logbook data!


Note: Mobile devices with Microsoft Windows Operating System are always delivered with the appropriate connection software MsActiveSync. Please read the operating instructions of your mobile device for further information on how to connect it your Windows PC. 

Assuming that you have established a connection in general (with MsActiveSync; on Windows Vista you need the ‘Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center’ instead) between your mobile device and the Windows PC, SiDiary is able to communicate with your mobile device right after the setup. All settings are pre-defined, so SiDiary is able to establish a connection. Just connect your mobile device to your Windows PC and after a few moments SiDiary will recognize the connection and offers the following activities.


When SiDiary recognizes the mobile device for the first time, it will ask you, if SiDiary is already installed on it or if you want to install SiDiary now. If you are already using SiDiary on the mobile device, SiDiarySmartSync will try to locate it and synchronize the data automatically.


Sometimes SiDiary is not able to find the installation directory on the Pocket PC, e. g. if you have installed SiDiary to a storage card (memory card) without using the default name. That won't be a problem: SiDiary opens a screen, where you can select the correct directory.

You can also open this screen anytime at Extras → SmartSync-Settings.




This screen shows the mobile devices, that you have already synchronized with SiDiary or which were found at this time. In our example above the “device” {SiDiary-Online-Server} is selected (and marked with a blue bar).

With a click on Delete you can delete the marked device from the list (for example if you do not want to use it anymore).




6.7 Menu „Extras“ SiDiary-Online Mobile devices