USB-Datacable for importing Lifescan bloodglucose meters with SiDiary

Lifescan Datenkabel fuer SiDiary

This cable is needed if you want to import data from the Lifescan meters...

  • One Touch InDuo
  • One Touch Ultra
  • One Touch Ultra 2
  • One Touch Ultra Easy
  • One Touch Ultra Smart
  • One Touch Vita
...into SiDiary. Please note that the driver which comes with the cable needs to be installed properly before you connect the cable for the first time. This driver simulates a COM port which is used by SiDiary to communicate with the meter.

Depending on the configuration of your system it may happen, that SiDiary reports it couldn't find a meter at the COM-Port
In this case please try it again with one of the alternative drivers here:

For Windows XP and Vista (32Bit) download here...

For Windows Vista 64Bit download here...

Then do the follwing steps precisely in this order

  1. uninstall the old driver
  2. re-boot your PC
  3. install the driver you have downloaded from above
  4. then connect the cable to finish the installation

Now a COM port will be established to make it possible for SiDiary to communicate with your meter

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