Silva ex30 Connect pedometer for import into SiDiary

Silva ex30 Connect The pedometer Silva ex30 Connect makes it easy for you to import your training results into SiDiary version 6 and upload it to the internet, if you like.

Now you can analyze your results per hour, day, week, month or year. Additionally you can set up your personal training goals or invite your friends and colleagues to an online challenge, which is very beneficial for motivation. We at SINOVO are all users of this pedometer and even our 'couch-potatoes' show more activities since then.

  • Free access to - Upload your pedometer data, set up your goals, challenge your friends
  • Easy access - automatic log-in and download of the software as soon as the ex30 Connect is connected for the first time
  • Motivation - set up your personal goals and challenging your friends
  • 30- and 7-day-storage – 7-day-storage available in the display and 30-day-storage downloadable with SiDiary 6 and
  • Download-Reminder - active reminder for Download, if data otherwise could get lost
  • Range - shows the already walked meters in the display (step length adjustable)
  • Intelligent filter function - Shows steps only if you move for longer than 10 seconds
  • Optional attachment - you can wear the pedometer around your neck, on your belt and even in your pocket
  • Loudless - no bothering noises like on other pedometers. The inbuild 3D-accelerationsensors are working precisely and without any noise, no matter where or how do you wear your ex30 Connect


  • Step counter
  • Range counter
  • Calorie consumption counter(based on your weight and the walked range)
  • Automatical timer (counts how many minutes you have moved)
  • Time in 12/24 h adjustable
  • 30-day-storage internally, the last 7 can be shown on the devices display
  • 3D-Sensor, so no limitations how to wear the device to work precisely
  • Readable with SiDiary Version 6 or higher

  • Batterytype: 1 x CR2032
  • Dimensions: 53 x 29 x 15 mm
  • Weight: 19 Gramm
  • Manual languages: GB, DE, FR, ES, I, NL, POR, FIN, SE
  • Website languages: GB, DE, FR, SE
  • Silva pedometer ex30 Connect
  • USB-Cable
  • Removable lanyard
  • Removable belt clip
  • 1 battery included

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