SiDiary's new license model

As you can see, we simplified the price structure of SiDiary version 6. With the purchase of version 5 you had the possibility choose the versions that you required separately for an adjusted price – or – buy the SiDiary Suite version, which contained all versions that were available at the time of the purchase.

This also meant: If you wanted to use a different version later, that you haven't already purchased – you had to buy this version separately later. This concept was very flexible on one hand – but on the other hand: it scared off a lot of users and was the reason for a great deal of questions.

This process is now simplified!

The SiDiary 6 license is valid for all versions (PC, Pocket PC, Windows Smartphone, Java cell phones, Android) and all drivers for the import from meters, pedometers and insulin pumps. Also for all versions, that will be integrated in SiDiary version 6 in the future.

On our top product – SiDiary Plug&Play – SiDiary version 6 is preinstalled on a fast USB Stick 2.0 with 512 MB (instead of 64 MB in SiDiary version 5).

The previous USB stick contained only a license for the software on the stick. The new version offers the possibility to activate also the mobile versions of SiDiary 6 (you can find the relevant transaction number in the registration dialogue on the stick). You can use this transaction number also to install SiDiary on your PC and activate it there, if you wish.

Here a few sample calculations:
1. You ordered the SiDiary version 5 bundle 'Windows PC/Java cell phone' for your PC and your Java cell phone and ordered in addition a driver for your blood glucose meter. That made all in 25, - EUR. At a later date you wanted to switch to Windows Smartphone and also changed the blood glucose meter. You had to pay again 20, - EUR for the new licenses. If you wanted to use SiDiary also on your Pocket PC, you had to buy another license for 15, - EUR. You already payed 60, - EUR altogether. And when you wanted to switch to another blood glucose meter or insulin pump…

2. You ordered the SiDiary version 5 'Suite' for 40, - EUR. At a later date there was a new meter at the market available – you had to pay again 5, - EUR for the new driver license. Then maybe a driver license for another blood glucose meter, a new insulin pump or blood pressure meter…

There's an end of it! To purchase SiDiary 6 means to use every SiDiary 6 version without limitations, even if new drivers will be added to this version later. You can integrate them easy with an update and use them to the full extent without buying another license!

This also applies for our SiDiary version 6 USB Stick and the subscription version (within the subscription period of validity – the subscription period is usually 1 year).

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