Is it possible to import data from other programs (GlucoControl, Diabass, Excel-Sheets etc.)? (V5)

Today there is a feature for importing data from GlucoControl for Pocket PC and an additional generic interface for csv is also included (the field names have to be the same like the field names in the csv-export template, which comes with the 32bit version!).

One more interface is for Diabass-data. SiDiary can read and export data in this format. Import from Diabass files is done automatically: If another application creates a file for Diabass, SiDiary will ask you too, if you want to import that file.

If you want to import from the GlucoControl.cdb file you need to have installed MsAdo (=database objects) on your system (which should be already there on newer windows versions (Win 2000, XP etc.) but if you haven't MsAdo: It's available for free on the Microsoft web site). Follow these steps:
1. Copy the GlucoControl.cdb file from the root folder of your Pocket PC device to a local hard disk using file explorer,
2. You'll get a conversion dialog from MsActiveSync. From this screen you just have to remember the target location for the converted mdb file,
3.Go to SiDiary settings tab and click on Import, then select the converted GlucoControl.Mdb file,
4. You'll now get a SiDiary screen on which you have to select the used types of insulin (for bolus and basal), 5. Continue import and wait a second...

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