SiDiary hangs, I can just see SiDiary's title bar.

Sometimes it happens that SiDiary cannot be activated from your operating system. You will just see the application's title bar but not the program screen. Unfortunately this is a problem which is still not solved. From our research we found out that some devices are concerned more often by this issue than other devices.

But there's a simple workaround for this problem: Since the application is still running and just it's main screen wasn't switched in front of all other windows, you can use a task manager to reactivate SiDiary!

You can use the built in task manager on your system which you can find in 'Start->Settings->System->Memory->Running programs' or additional freeware tools like PocketNav. Those tools are displaying a small icon beneath the system clock and by using such tool SiDiary can be activated with just two clicks... It's not necessary to reboot your system since SiDiary is still running. This problem seems to be a problem of just switching the app window to the front.

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