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My device isn't included with your device compatibility list. Can I use it anyway?

Our device compatibility list is maintained by SINOVO but also all SiDiary users who have tested our software on their mobile devices. This list shall give you an idea about already confirmed hardware. If your device is currently not included with that list it does not mean that SiDiary will not run on your device - probably it will work fine but no other user has tried this before!

Basically the minimum requirements for your hardware is a Windows Mobile 2003 operating system version for Pocket PC (or newer os versions, like Windows Mobile 5 etc. of course). If you want to use our Java version with your mobile cellphone you should test the software accurately because there are not only major differences from manufacturer to manufacturer but also from device to device from the same manufacturer!

If you are unsecure if the software will run fine, you should make a backup, which is already a good idea anyway...

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