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Why am I not able to use SiDiary on my PC at work?

Company PCs can have some restrictions. So in some companies you are not allowed to install your private programs or use USB-Sticks.

In other companies you are able to do so, but then maybe there are some folders locked or there’s an active anti-virus software, firewall or some kind of proxy server allows the access to featured programs only. In this case you should ask your system administrator.

It’s necessary that the subscription version and the adware version have internet access to work properly. The subscription version has to check online every 30 days, if the subscription is still valid and the adware version has to download new ads from time to time.

You can see if SiDiary has access to the internet, when you see the globe symbol in the status bar in the lower right corner:

Connection active/possible:

Connection active

Connection inactive/not possible:

Connection inactive

If you can't use SiDiary in the regular way on your work PC but you have access to the internet you could use SiDiary Online (

When you are at home you can synchronize your tracking with your own PC.
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