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How can I track more pills with SiDiary?

With SiDiary 6, you can log everything you want. Therefor we created our UDT (user-defined datatype).
With the example of the drug 'Metformin' we would like to show you how easy it is to define your own datatypes.

In the menu item 'Diabetesprofile' please click on 'Data types' and then on the 'Add' button
. This opens the following screen where you can enter more information about this item:

Add data type

The meaning so far:
  1. Key: here you have to enter a shortcut. This is also used when you use this data type in the apps for iOS or Android.
  2. Name: the name you enter here will be displayed in the detailed logbook of the PC version
  3. Datatype: here you can select what kind of data type it is. Since you want to enter numbers, of course you select 'Numeric'.
  4. Unit: in tablets, it is wiser to write the amount of active ingredient instead of the quantity. So you can continue to work seamlessly with it if your doctor prescribes you 'Metformin 500' than 'Metformin 850'.
  5. Min./Max.: here you can set a limit. The program will warn you if you e.g. instead of 2000 mistakenly enter 20000.
  6. target Min./Max.: the input is optional. For numeric data types it is used to show target lines in the statistical output
  7. Remark: useful for yourself to enter a short note why you have created this data type.

If you entered everything, please click on 'Save'. In the list of data types you can specify with a check box that this data type should be displayed in the logbook. Then you may close the data types display.

Activate data type

Now you have created an additional line in the detailed logbook, where you can manage your metformin tablets.

Use data type

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