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Why can't I synchronize with SiDiary Online under Windows XP anymore?

To best protect your data during the transfer to SiDiary Online, we only use current encryption standards. These standards must be supported by your operating system, which is unfortunately not the case with Windows XP. Since Microsoft has already discontinued support for this in April 2014, no further changes are to be expected.

Therefore, a data synchronisation between SiDiary on your PC and SiDiary Online is unfortunately no longer possible. Instead you get a message like "The server could not answer within the timeout time" or "No connection to the internet" when trying to synchronize.

Therefore, the use of SiDiary in the subscription model is no longer possible, because it is not possible to query whether the subscription is still valid. /p>

The registration of SiDiary with a transaction number is also affected. You can still register with the transaction number, but you must request your license key manually (under current operating systems SiDiary does this automatically for you).

The manual registration is described here.

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