2009-10-26: SiDiary Online and OpenID

SiDiary Online now provides a login with an excisting OpenID Account.

OpenID is a standardized "Single Sign-on"-System for websites and other webbased services like SiDiary Online. With your OpenID (a URL) you can login to SiDiary Online and all other webistes (which are supporting OpenID) without username and password! The actual login will be done on the website of your OpenID-Provider like The advantage is that you don't need to remember all of the passwords and logins of your web services but just the one of your OpenID-Provider. Some OpenID providers are also supporting a login with certificates which would give you an additional increase of security.

For using an OpenID login at SiDiary Online you simply need an OpenID identity, which is offered by many web services like Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc. After typing your OpenID on the SiDiary Online login website you will be redirected to your OpenID provider. After completing this provider login you will automatically redirected back to SiDiary Online that will also recognize your valid login.

You can get an OpenID account in example at but perhaps you already have an OpenID account without knowing that: Overview at

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