2016-08-18: SiDiary and Avira

Lately we received some support requests, that when trying to read out meters, users receive error messages and what they can do about it.

We analyzed the problem and found out, that the tool 'Avira Antivirus', which is preferred by many users, is very often the reason. Avira Antivirus prevents, that a configuration file, which is strongly needed for proper operation ability, can be written by SiDiary (in a folder, which is created from and must be writable for SiDiary).

We already reported this to the producers of Avira, but so far there was no change made by Avira.

To solve this matter, there are two different ways:
Either you click on the 5. button from the left in the SiDiary toolbar (Download blood glucose meter/insulin pump) several times. With each new attempt there will be written more of the file, until it's completed after 3 or 4 attempts - then it will show no more error messages.

Or you can add the folder, where SiDiary stores this and other configuration and data files, to the exceptions of the antivirus program. We described the how to in an illustrated manual on this page:

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