2003-12-15 Optimized calculation of A1C

For the optimized calculation you have to specify a Bolusinsulin with an effect period, which means after how many hours the insulin does have no more lowering effect on your blood glucose. If the algorithm now finds a higher BG value which was corrected with an injection of bolus insulin, it will interpolate for the insulin's effect duration down to the BG value which was monitored next. Let's say you've monitored 200 on 02:00pm and corrected this bolus insulin (with 2 hours effect time) based on your correction rule. Next time you got a BG value of 100 on 06:00pm and you know your correction was right. In such a case without optimization you would get an average of 150. But what has really happened? Because of your correction you've had a BG of 100 since 4pm and from this point it was on the same level up to your next monitor time at 06:00pm. The interpolated average is now 140 - 10 off which makes a big difference for the A1C... The results should now be pretty more realistic.
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