2004-03-01 Less news...but soon...

Today there's just less to tell from SiDiary's last weekend: I could fix a few cosmetic things which are not that important that they should be put on the web as a new release. I've worked on several language issues and even the improvements for the pump users are finished in my head so I can soon start the dev... Another item: Under specific circumstances it could be possible that the pie-chart shows incorrect sectors. It is drawn with a free code-snippet, which was taken from a magazine. I've encountered these things 2 weeks ago and from time to time I get emails from you also finding this bug. It took some time to analyze what is going on in this code and it's clear now but it needs some time for correction - BUT this bug is already known and I'm working on it - If you encounter this phenomenon: You can always trust the displayed percentage values for low, target, high and x-high values!
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