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Your diabetes management becomes more flexible with SiDiary Online. You just need a web browser (for example Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari) to start it. With the assistance of these web browsers even users of Linux or Apple can benefit from SiDiary easily. SiDiary Online is now equipped perfectly even for browsers on mobile devices (Smartphone, Blackberry, Android or iPhone): The space, which is available on the displays of the devices, is fully utilized.If you wish you can install a cookie allowing you to log in nearly automatically. If you choose the mask 'Enter single data' as your default start screen, you can enter your data right from the start of SiDiary Online.

SiDiary Online offers all features you know from the PC version. You can create an individual user profile regardless of the type of your diabetes (type 1, type 2). Data tracking is pretty easy. Most of the analysis functions you know from the Windows or Smartphone versions are already included in SiDiary Online. Both the popular trend function and the calculated A1c value are available also in SiDiary Online

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SiDiary Online Piechart SiDiary Online Trendanalysis SiDiary Online enter single data mask

Of course you can synchronize the online data with other SiDiary versions. Thus you have always the latest version of your data, online or with your regular SiDiary version. You can even send your data directly from your Smartphone (Android, iOS or Windows Phone) to SiDiary Online.

Another highlight of SiDiary online is to share your data with your doctor or a friend. Invite your healthcare professional to evaluate your data and receive important feedback for your therapy. You may use this function to exchange your data and your experiences with friends and colleagues.

The above-mentioned function has been enhanced considerably with SiDiary 6. You can for example choose a special day in your diary and SiDiary Online creates a chart of it, for instance. for your webblog or your preferred forum. The URL to this chart is provided by SiDiary Online automatically. It has never been so easy to sharedata with others and to get feedback from them!. If you do not wish to release data to other users, they can be protected in such a way that not even the SINOVO staffhas access to them. And thanks to our effective SSL-Encryption this also applies to your data transfer!

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