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2020-08-13: Maintenance work on our servers
On Thursday, 2020-08-20, maintenance work on our servers will take place between 18:00 and probably 18:15 GMT. The service 'SiDiary Online' and our website will not be available during this time. We apologize for this. detalles

2020-03-30: New types of graphics: AGP and calendar

With the current version 6.2.1337 SiDiary brings you new graphic types in the statistics. You can now display the conventional AGP-graphic for the glucose profile or get a quick overview with the calendar graphic. Tip: you can also click on the calendar days.

With the practice code your doctor can give you, you can easily share your data with him in SiDiary Online, so that a printout for the next doctor visit is not necessary anymore.


2020-01-10: SiDiary 6: CGMS import simplified

With the current update from 09/01/2020 we have not only added many new blood glucose meters to SiDiary 6, but also simplified the import of files with CGMS/FGM data.

SiDiary now offers an auto-import folder for export files from CareLink, Dexcom, Eversense and Freestyle-Libre, i.e. if you put an export file from one of these devices into this folder (maybe directly while downloading this file) SiDiary will import it automatically.

Additionally SiDiary will also import it if you double click on this file. (Exception: Eversense, for this we can not offer a double click)


2019-11-14: Update for iOS/iPadOS: SiDiary 1.0.30

This update fixes a problem that occurred when using the SiDiary keyboard under iOS 13. You could already use the standard keyboard of iOS, but the keyboard adapted by us makes the data input more comfortable.

This is now available again and can be activated under "More ->Settings ->Keyboard" by deactivating the standard keyboard.


2019-11-08: SiDiary Version 6.2.1335
Maybe you have already seen it: the new version 6.2.1335 is currently available for download on our server.
Besides some minor optimizations (see changelog) new measuring devices have been connected to it: Ascensia Contour Plus, GlucoRX Nexus, Infopia Finetest Lite, Nipro 4sure One, Nipro 4sure Smart, Nipro 4sure Smart Duo, Nipro TRUEyou, Terumo Medisafe Fit und Terumo Medisafe Fit Smile. For the last two you need a Sony NFC pad on the PC to read them out. detalles

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