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Android App First you see the pie chart in the statistcs with the spreading of all your blood glucose measurements. All values within your target range are green, yellow means you are below your target range, orange means above your target range and red means more than 200 mg/dl (11,1 mmol/l).

Above the pie chart you see more details regarding this time range: Number of values, standard deviation, calculated A1C and so on. With a movement of your finger to the left you see the other graphs; with a tap on the i-symbol you will enter the statistics settings...

In the statistics settings you can set the time range for the statistic and which parts of a day should be processed.
Android App..... Android App
Android App In the line graph you see the curve progression of your blood glucose measurements for the selected time range.
Android App The modal day shows you all measurements of your selected time range projected to a 24 hour day. So you have a quick overview in which parts of the day you have measured mostly and when the values have the biggest spread. In the example on the left you can see that in the evening between 15:00 and 21:00 the spread is the biggest, which means the blood glucose is here mostly instable.
Android App The line graph Weight will show you a curve of the development of your body weight.
Android App The line graph blood pressure shows you graphically how your blood pressure develops. The blue area shows the so-called 'amplitude', i.e. the difference between the upper (systolic) and lower value (diastole).
Android App Additionally to the details from the previous graph screens the detail statistic shows more utilization like the average values of carbs, bolus or basal insulin.
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