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Android App In the section 'Sync' you can synchronize your data from the app with 'SiDiary Online'.
All you need is an account at 'SiDiary Online' (which is free of charge). You can setup your username and password in the app under 'Setup ->Settings ->Synchronisation' (don't forget to save your settings!). In the section 'Sync' you can adjust the time range which you want to sync and tap the button 'Sync now' to start the procedure.
In the Android adware the time range can't be adjusted! But you can do so after unlocking the app with your license.

Data which is not saved in 'SiDiary Online' will be transferred there and data which is not saved in the app but in 'SiDiary Online' will be transferred into your app. So this is a 2-way transfer (bidirectional).

Please note that the syncing is field-by-field and the sync partner with the most recent change date has always priority.

That means for example if you enter a remark in the app and then do the same in 'SiDiary Online' after a sync you will find the remark from 'SiDiary Online' in your app.
It's completely different if you track for example a bg reading in the app for 09:15 and then add a bolus for the same time in 'SiDiary Online'. In this case both values will be merged, because the field for bg has nothing in common with the field for bolus.
If you track/add/edit your data only in the app you don't need to think about this issue.

The use of 'SiDiary Online' has three interesting aspects:

1. Synchronization of the data with the PC version of SiDiary

You can use for example the PC version to read out your blood glucose/blood pressure meter or insulin pump; print data or send it by email and so on. By a sync with 'SiDiary Online' you also have the data you have tracked with the app in your personal logbook.

2. Operating system independence

If you don't have the PC version of SiDiary because you have an Apple or Linus operating system (and don't want to install a virtual machine) you can print your data from within 'SiDiary Online' or view it on a bigger screen.

3. Telemedicine

You can invite your diabetes team (endocrinologist/diabetes nurse) to create an account at 'SiDiary Online', so you can grant these people an access to view your data over the internet. You can share your data even if you are on holiday and have an urgent problem.

You even can use 'SiDiary Online' with a pseudonym. You just need a real existing email account, to which the system will send you an activation link. Without clicking this activation link the usage of 'SiDiary Online' is impossible.

The following video shows you more about the work with SiDiary Online):

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